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OUR Approach

Ap·proach /əˈprōCH/ noun: a way of dealing with something. 



When we speak of Dust and Spirit, we are referring to our approach to navigating life therapy that is influenced and shaped both by natural sciences, social sciences and a Judeo-Christian Spiritual theology.


Humans are part of the physical world and are partially understood through the natural sciences. Biology, chemistry, and physics are natural science disciplines that provide some basis for understanding and working with people. Having theories that are guided and shaped by natural and social science thinking helps provide a road map in our therapeutic work.

Humans are more than a natural science being or a social science human. Being influenced by our Judeo-Christian practice, we believe God breathed life (physical, mental and spiritual) into the human formed from dust of the earth. This energy, this breath of life, is spiritual. Thus one’s relationship and interaction with a “higher power”, which is spiritual, shapes and influences our practice.

Our work is shaped by these undergirding ideas that continue to be matured, developed, and put into practice through the discipline of Marriage and Family Therapy.



We offer Life Therapy in Lifestyle Formats


Dr. Eddie and Judy work with individuals, couples, families and groups. We invite you to travel to New Orleans to work and process with us through your issues, concerns, problems and habitual negative interactive patterns.  This is done in our home, at our table as well as walking with us traversing New Orleans streets, shops, restaurants, music venues and churches.




The intensive includes five hours of psychotherapy and three hours of intentional processing during lunch and supper. The issues and concerns addressed during psychotherapy, as well as other life concerns are given space to be practiced and incorporated during meals.



These individual, couple or family psychotherapy sessions are not weekly but rather spaced out over time.



Eating meals with couples or families in our home or local New Orleans restaurants. We have found couples like to process their personal and relational concerns while eating together. In our home you can assist us in the meal preparation. We have found this working together brings up multiple areas to discuss and process. At a restaurant, the atmosphere and ambiance affords a relaxing context for people to process life and relational dynamics. This involves three hours of our time.



As some individuals or couple friends like to enjoy New Orleans together, we offer two, 90 minute teachings with discussions on aspects of “self in relationship”. Then over that afternoon and into the next day, we have 60 minute personal sessions with each individual or couple who attends the teaching. This format is set for six to twelve total people.

Life Processing while Exploring New Orleans.


Travel and exploring new places allows for natural and normative life processing as issues, conflict, tensions as well as deciding what to do and where to eat surface. Judy and I come along beside you as these normal interactive relational issues surface to help you discover more healthy ways of communicating, making decisions and processing what shows up along the way. Since people frequently have competing interests, wants, desires and expectations that often show up on trips we can model, teach and guide you all into healthier and more productive ways of living and being.

Design Your Own


Some of you may have creative and special ways you desire to work and interact with us. Let us know your thoughts, and we will see what we can do to accommodate your requests.


listed below are our full market fees. we ask people to pay what they can based upon their integrity and honesty and we will accept it.

  1. Our 60 minute fee is $200. Thus for a 90 minute session the fee is $300 and for Eight hours of our time in a day the fee is $1,600.

  2. The Life Processing fee for a three hour meal is $600. 

    For food costs: eating at our home the fee is $100 and at a restaurant we go “dutch”.

  3. FOR TEACHING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY THE total group teaching FEE is $750 FOR THREE hours AND then $200 for a 60 minute session.

  4. Life Processing while exploring New orleans is $200 per sixty minutes.

  5. Design your own, the fee is dependent on the amount of time requested of Judy and Eddie.